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Trees & Plants

We have a large variety of plants, almost any arizona plant for your desert landscape needs, with a variety listed below these great pictures.

We have shade trees, desert trees, cacti, shrubs, citrus/fruit trees, fertilizer both organic and synthetic, seasonal vegetable and flowers, soils, vegetable and flower seeds, talavera decorations and other wall art, weed killers and pesticides for homeowner use, and Hickman's chicken composts.


Many trees do well in dirt/gravel landscapes, and only need low water once established, either on drip, bubbler irrigation, or hose watering.


Small/ medium size trees: Mastic (pistachia lentiscus), Oleander trees, Acacia Mulga, Leather Leaf Acacia (Acacia craspedocarpa), Vitex Pepper (Chaste tree), Lysaloma, Texas Ebony, Ironwood,  Desert Willow, Hybrid Fruitless Olive (Wilsonii), Palo Blanco (Acacia Willardiana), Texas Olive, Mediterranean Fan Palm, Pindo Palm.

Large trees: Mesquite Varieties: Chilean, Honey mesquite, Hybrid Argentine Mesquite etc.  Sonoran Emerald Palo Verde ( Hybrid Palo Verde.), Dalbergia Sissoo, Red Push Pistache, Southern Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana), Tipu, Eldarica Pine, Acacia Salicina, Bonita Ash, Pineapple Palm, Mexican Fan Palm.


Some trees do better in flood irrigated or grass areas that require more water:


Ash varieties: Bonita, Raywood, Fan-Tex., Fruitless Mulberry, Cottonwood, Citrus varieties, Red Push Pistache, Southern Live Oak, Chinese Elm.

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